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Welcome to my Next Twenty-Three

When was the last time you started something new? Like, really truly brand spanking new that you have never done before in your entire life?

If you are young, the answer is probably "last week". If, however, you are in your 40's, doing something for the very first time probably doesn't happen very often.

Well, this is all about to change for me.

A little bit of context for you...

I spent the first 23 years of my life living with my parents and siblings. Then moved to college where I lived with my sister and roommates for the next 4 years. After a brief 3 month jaunt over to New Zealand after graduation (again, living with my parents), I moved to Atlanta at the 21 and lived with roommates.

I fell in love and got married at 23.

2 kids and 23 years later, I find myself divorced and soon to be empty-nesting.

Here is where the "NEW" happens. I have never in my life lived by myself. I have never in my adult life done "life" by myself.

Until now.

So what happens when you get married at 23 to the 3rd guy you ever kissed and then 2 kids and 23 years later suddenly find yourself divorced and nearly empty nesting?

I have no idea. But we are about to find out.

Join me as I navigate this new journey - all the good, scary, funny and unknown.

There is no plan or strategy or roadmap. I will be sharing the real and crazy and everyday adventures as I figure out who I am and who I want to be as a newly single 40-something.


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