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When Less is Really More

Walking into my house for the first time after my Ex moved out was a very strange feeling. He and I had agreed on all of the things that he would take and I would keep, so there wasn't really any surprise with that. However, I had not prepared myself for what it would feel like to come into my house - the home I had lived in for nearly 10 years - and walk through empty and half empty rooms.

It hits in a whole new way when you aren't in the middle of a move.

What I would learn over the next couple of weeks is that LESS really is MORE.

Not only did I have more space in my space, but I realized I had more space in my body. The physical change of my surroundings allowed me to breath deeper and dream bigger. I know that may sound all "woo-woo", but I kid you not - I actually felt like I could breath more. The ideas and possibilities of what these empty spaces could be flooded my head and allowed for new dreams to be born. This podcast was one of the first ones.

And I couldn't be more grateful.

Yes, the sadness of it all was (and is) still a very close companion on this path, but thankfully, hope always takes the front seat.


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