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New Cars and Old Memories

I did something BIG! I purchased my very first car all on my own. It was amazing and empowering and slightly spontaneous and possibly a little impulsive. But it was all on my own and all for me.

I have been sharing cars with my kids for the past 5 months while we waited to see where my son would end up at college and if he would be allowed to have a car as a Freshman. Once we found out he could, it was time for me to get a car. I always thought I would get another Jeep Wrangler. It would be our 3rd one and that was more than fine with me. I am a Jeep girl. I love everything about them - the look, the community, the "Jeep Wave" - all of it. But I also knew that I wanted a very fun color - yellow or a fun blue. The problem was that there just weren't many to choose from in our area and none that were a color I wanted.

I woke up on a Thursday and started thinking about the possibility of getting a Mazda Miata. I had one nearly 20 years ago and I loved that car more than just about anything in this world. The only thing that could make me give it up was having a baby - thank God my son was so incredible!

By Friday I had secured a loan and by Saturday I had purchased my very first car - all on my own.

Take a listen to the full story here.

Just know that I will be buried in this car - I am keeping it forever!


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